Imaginary shopping spree: quirky dorm room additions!

Going to college this year? Liven up your boring room with these crazy pieces:

Dorm room novelties

These test tube shot glasses are awesome for parties! Urban Outfitters.

I have so many USB sticks I don’t know what to do with them! This USB hub would help, though. Fredflare.

This crazy phone from Fredflare is perfect for chatting to overbearing family members on.

Flowers are a sure-fire way to brighten up a drab dorm room. Having them in a can is a fabulous space-saving idea. Fredflare.

This “All out of” pad is perfect to attach to the fridge in the kitchen to keep track of what you’re out of. Also Fredflare.

Spending so much time with the same group of people can allow certain problems to arise. Help get them out in the air with the “Roommate Citations” pad. Fredflare.

This Moomin bowl is really pretty! You almost wouldn’t want to eat your cereal out of it. Artbox.

This Miffy lamp is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Perfect for a desk or bedside table. Artbox.

A really quirky laundry hamper from Modcloth.

I love this panda plate and cup set from Modcloth. So cute!

These fairy lights from Modcloth would really set the mood.

A great toothbrush holder for the bathroom. All of your roommates will be dying for a spot! Modcloth.

A tidy cutlery set. Also from Modcloth.

Dorm room novelties by smellyeli on

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