My favourite essential products! (You may not have even known you needed them!)

There are those products that seem a little pointless; maybe they just seem like a marketing ploy, you think your skin/nails/hands are fine without them, or you just didn’t know such a product was necessary in your routine. I have chosen these as my favourites, which I really couldn’t live without!

1. Nail polish base coat. I use Sally Hanson’s Hard as Wraps Acrylic Gel, £7.45 from Boots. I have terrible nails which peel often, leaving my nails looking really uneven. When I paint my nails, it looks like a child has done it! This thick solution evens them out, and I’ve even started using it as a top coat, as it makes 3D glitter polishes and nail art designs last longer. I always have a coat of this on, even if I haven’t painted my nails!

2. Concealer. I like Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer, £7.49 from Superdrug. I can”t believe how many people I’ve spoken

to who claim they don’t need this! Having an uneven skin tone is completely natural for everyone, so putting on a thick, light concoction under foundation stops your face from looking streaky. It covers up eye bags, spots and even large freckles! I have very pale skin, but very rosy cheeks, so just wearing foundations is not enough for me to hide the fact it looks like I’m always wearing really bad blusher.

3. Eye shadow primer. I use Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer in Original, £14.50 from Debenhams. People really need to know about this miracle product! It brings out the pigmentation in all eye shadows, prevents creasing and makes the colour last longer. I don’t have to fix it again during the day! It seems quite pricey, but you only use a tiny amount on each eye, so one tube lasts forever!

4. Hand cream. I find Cath Kidston Wild Rose Hand Cream, £8.00 to be really, er, handy! I work with my hands A LOT, which makes them really dry. Add that to the ever-changing British weather, and you end up with horrible cracked skin. This cream has a light perfume in it, which makes your hands smell great! It’s really thick, so a little goes a long way and lasts a really long time, even after washing your hands!

5. Lip balm. I lick my lips a lot, so Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips, £2.25 from Boots really helps to keep my lips soft. It has a really nice light pink tint,which makes it look really pretty. The price isn’t bad, either! This stuff lasts a long time on my lips before wearing off.


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