What to do with your exam results

Today, I got my AS results. They were okay – not brilliant – but okay nonetheless. I had set myself up to fail, so it was a pleasant surprise when I opened up my letter to find that I had not failed a single class, including maths, which I had freaked out about.

The chances are, you have done exactly as expected: received the grades you were predicted, and are looking forward to pursuing the next part of your life, which you have spent the last year or two mapping out. However, there are two other ways your grades could have gone; better than expected, or worse.

If your exams had gone better than expected, congratulations! But what had you planned on doing now? If you’ve got a university acceptance already, that’s great, but is there a possibility that you could end up at an even better establishment? In the UK, UCAS run an “Extra” programme, which shows you all the places that are available in your area of study and match your results. If your GCSEs are better than expected, it’s really easy to get into a college of further education. You just have to act fast. As soon as you get your results, ring up all the local colleges and I’m sure there will be one that is right for you. Did you know that as long as your grades are the minimum requirement, they are not allowed to turn you way?

If your exam results weren’t quite as spectacular as you hoped they would be, don’t panic! Believe me, I’ve been there! What was your plan? Can it be altered? UCAS’ “Extra” programme can also help students look for places in universities with lower grade requirements than the ones you may have initially chosen. If university or college is no longer an option, maybe you could try a gap year. You could have so much fun travelling, or you could get a job and attempt to retake some of your classes from the previous year. You never know, having some extra life skills could enhance your CV or resume, and may even get you accepted a year later to university. There are also foundation degrees, which are year-long qualifications at university which could help you decide if university is really the right path for you. If it is, you can continue straight away onto the undergraduate course. After your GCSEs, you could take the level below in your choice qualification. For example, instead of doing a B-tec level 3 you could do a level 2 or 1 instead. Although it adds another year onto your study, it’s worth it to get exactly where you want to go.

I hope this has been useful to you. If you need some more advice, don’t forget to e-mail me. I love receiving your messages!

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Imaginary shopping spree: quirky dorm room additions!

Going to college this year? Liven up your boring room with these crazy pieces:

Dorm room novelties

These test tube shot glasses are awesome for parties! Urban Outfitters.

I have so many USB sticks I don’t know what to do with them! This USB hub would help, though. Fredflare.

This crazy phone from Fredflare is perfect for chatting to overbearing family members on.

Flowers are a sure-fire way to brighten up a drab dorm room. Having them in a can is a fabulous space-saving idea. Fredflare.

This “All out of” pad is perfect to attach to the fridge in the kitchen to keep track of what you’re out of. Also Fredflare.

Spending so much time with the same group of people can allow certain problems to arise. Help get them out in the air with the “Roommate Citations” pad. Fredflare.

This Moomin bowl is really pretty! You almost wouldn’t want to eat your cereal out of it. Artbox.

This Miffy lamp is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Perfect for a desk or bedside table. Artbox.

A really quirky laundry hamper from Modcloth.

I love this panda plate and cup set from Modcloth. So cute!

These fairy lights from Modcloth would really set the mood.

A great toothbrush holder for the bathroom. All of your roommates will be dying for a spot! Modcloth.

A tidy cutlery set. Also from Modcloth.

Dorm room novelties by smellyeli on Polyvore.com

Imaginary shopping spree: School bags

It’s a nightmare trying to find the perfect sturdy bag for all your school supplies; you would not believe the number of bags I have been through since I started secondary school! I tend to over-pack, so need something with a good, firm base.

School bags
School bags by smellyeli featuring back pack bags
This Domo rucksack from tillys.com is so cute! (£34)
This tote bag from Topshop has a really weird print. I love it! It has such a sturdy build for a tote bag. (£28)
This black and floral tote bag from Topshop is perfect for your books and pencil case. (£14)
A cute and quirky satchel from Modcloth is really fun! ($70)
This clean and tidy tote bag from Topshop will go with everything! (£10)
A comfy, slouchy backpack from ASOS. (£35)
This grey satchel from ASOS is really smart and will go with everything! (£70)
I love this brown leather satchel from ASOS! It’s got a great vintage look. I would definitely buy this myself. (£45)
A fun, red Hello Kitty backpack from Hot Topic. ($30)
This space-themed backpack from lazyoaf.co.uk is the perfect size for your notebooks and folders. (£55)
This owl backpack from Hot Topic is seriously so freaking awesome! ($40)
This brown leather shopper from ASOS is a brilliant size and bound to last the entire school year. (£60)

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